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      		Ze Robot
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      		Hello. I am Resizer, Ze Robot.

      I created to resize pictures. I successfully operate at /r/wallpapers and /r/ImaginaryWarhammer If you have any bug reports, suggestions, complains or any other thoughts related to my functioning, feel free to: pm @ reddit: /u/ze-robot e-mail: enable js to see address document.write('' + 'conta' + "c" + 't@ze' + '-robot.com');

      FAQ Why didn't you resized to N×N? You can use the form on the image page, so you can resize to any meaningful resolution Can you make a 4K version from this 500×600 drawing? I could, but quality would be awful. There are plans to use supersampling to enlarge pictures slightly (like 10-20%), but for now, I do not resize to higher resolutions than source image. What posts do you resize? There are 2 sources of images to resize:1.subreddit added to watchlist. If you think that I can help on some subreddit - please pm me. All posts with about 10 upvotes added to resize queue. (Upvote check needed to counter shitposters, we all dislike them, right?)2.username mention in comments. If you see cool picture on any subreddit, and want it resized - just comment something with /u/ze-robot, I'll check my inbox and will answer to your comment. How do you resize 4×3 to 21×9?? I crop image keeping the central part. Sometimes it gives funny result, but overall it is the good way. Filter by resolution Tags: ALL TAGS Moped Grasshopper Drawer Pantyhose Screw Moss Nuclear Painting Cottage Pharmacy Grouse Water Bottle Beagle Boxer Black Cat Gauge Maze Ipod Torso Legend of Zelda Black Wood Black Dragon sketch ... Late 80s Office by Mohame... Girls attitude[1920*1080... The Red Woods Nurgle's daemon. My first... "Alone, you are great... Huracan A Plucky Band of Acolytes... Saturn Sand dunes of Morocco... "There's nothing funny... Autumn Morning Recently finished piece... Ponta Delgada, an OpenRCT... Summer in Copenhagen Adepta Sororitas by CELEN... Corona Arch, Moab, Utah... Climbing the Mountain 'Betamaxx - Archaic Scien... Albums: Pixel Art Wallpaper ... Small Collection of Rogue... Westworld logo wallpapers Solidworks Renders of... 25 Wallpapers I made... I've created a wallpaper... Some beauty in 2016.... I wanted to figure out... DOOM 2016 - Vega Processi... Some girly lockscreens... Porter Robinson Wallpaper... Pantone Gradients Watch Dogs 2 Triple Monit... [Wallpaper Dump] I've... Shin Godzilla Painted on Canvas the... Fractal Love - my favorit... Space Jam Wallpaper Album Custom Compilation Wallpa... Can't decide which of... Popular recently: /r/wallpapers Warhammer Dance Coral Reef Necktie The Lost Temple Fantasy The School of Dankness Sunset Sunset Anime Honk Bonk

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